by Lily Poritz Miller
* Three acts (120 min.) / Drama
*  Casting: 2 male / 6 female (total roles: 8)

Small town, USA
Early 1960s
Plot Summary

A powerful and compassionate account of the disintegration of a
family. Martha Hoffman, an aspiring young writer living in New York
in the early 1960s, returns to her mother's house in Little Falls,
USA for the wedding of her younger sister. In her bohemian world
of shiftless artists and fleeting relationships, she feels lonely and
insecure but masks it with arrogance. Her sister, the plain one, has
found love and stability and is being honored for it. While the
wedding festivities progress during the July 4 weekend, a neighbor,
Mrs. Steinberg, targets the groom's wealthy cousin for her
daughter. Outraged by her crude tactics, Martha seduces the
vulnerable youth and sheds her virginity - a tragedy which brings
disgrace to her widowed mother who strives to preserve her Jewish

Set Description

The livingroom and kitchen of the Hoffman home. It is tastefully
furnished in the colonial style. And though worn and neglected with
time, it still holds a certain elegance. There is an exit in the
livingroom and another in the kitchen. A stairway to the bedrooms
begins in the rear of both the livingroom and the kitchen. Through
the windows can be seen the trees, grass and flowers of a summer
garden. The last burst of sunshine is that of a twilight in July, but it
fades gradually into night as the action of the scene progresses.
First produced at the Backdoor Theatre,
Toronto, 1974, under the direction of
Mel Tuck.
Published by Playwrights Canada, 1974; and
the International Readers' Theatre, 1996.
Now available in a Kindle edition