My Star of Hope
by Lily Poritz Miller
*   three acts (90 min.) / Drama
*   Casting: 3 male / 3 female (total roles: 6)


New York City's garment district
Late 1950s
Plot Summary

Set in New York City in the late 1950s, this is the story of Amie
Sweetbriar, an innocent young girl from a small town who
comes to the big city in search of stardom. A part-time job in the
garment district thrusts her into a bewildering relationship with
the owner of the firm, David Phillips, a streetwise ladies' man
whose prey has been the show girls of Radio City Music Hall.
Against the background of New York's garment district, the
ill-fated lovers struggle to bridge the irreconcilable differences of
their worlds.

Set Description

A shabby office in the garment district of New York. Three
desks are cluttered closely together, with a filing cabinet in the
rear. To the left of the office is an entrance into a smaller room,
which is used for shipping and packaging. A long bench
occupies most of this room. The rooms are separated from each
other by a portable partition. To the right of the office is the exit.
Monica McCormack as
Amie Sweetbriar
First performed: New School, New
York, 1959, under the direction of
George Kondolf, executive producer of
the Theatre Guild's U.S. Steel Hour.
Now available in a Kindle Edition